Ronan Lowery. lived in rural Donegal for most of his life before moving to Connemara in 2005 where he received a scholarship to study Furniture Design and Manufacture at The Furniture College, Letterfrack.

Here he got the opportunity to further develop his design and making skills. His main interest is in designing unique once-off pieces. He draws his inspiration from his surroundings and has a great respect for the natural elements and living things. He also has a great interest in mathematics and finds himself

designing furniture involving complex curves and geometry. The combination of the geometric and natural influences often results in smooth flowing furniture but with a very ordered look. When designing for a client it is very important for the client to have a personal input into the piece. “I like the way furniture can

evoke feelings and emotions in people when they use or view a piece and I try to include this as part of my brief when designing furniture. Whether it comes from the form of the piece, the materials used, or the reflection of the clients personality in the concept.”