Belfast City Block

Belfast City Block . is a unique interpretation of the layout of the Belfast street map. Each inlaid street folds its way around the block with the focial point of Belfast City Hall highlighted with the grain figure in the central square.

The piece can be used as a stool, side table, or focal scuptural piece. The materials used are solid oak for the main block with walnut inlays. The city block concept can be applied to any location of the client's choosing.

Belfast City Bloack

Cubes . is an exciting and versatile piece of modular furniture. The piece can be used and reconfigured in many ways such as stools, a coffee table, a bench, a sculptural piece... Only your imagination limits the possibilities. The shapes it leaves behind in thin air are just as interesting as the shapes it creates.

The finish applied to the piece is a sprayed A/C “Fireball” finish which as well as providing an exceptional quality of finish to the eye, is also very resilient. The Cubes piece is available to order in a range of colours and finishes including a variety of solid wood veneers.

Triquetra Table

TRIQUETrA TABLE . The inspiration for this hall table came from the Celtic “triquetra” symbol, which is apparent in the form of the piece when viewed from above. The symbol is considered to represent the three domains of earth according to Celtic legend - earth, sea and sky as well as the triplicities of mind, body and soul.

The ash legs and walnut rails are laminated from thin strips using modern techniques. The piece is finished with a sprayed lacquer finish. The toughened glass top is fixed to the legs with brushed stainless steel fixings and provides structural integrity to the intriguing piece.

Triquetra Table
Jeweller Fit-Out

JEWELLER FIT-OUT . Design Onion was commissioned to design, manufacture and install a bespoke fit-out of the studio of Northern Irish jeweller Eddie J Doherty.

The studio features solid oak benchtops finished in Danish Oil, individual storage containers at benchtop level, storage units below benchtop in oak, full extension storage drawers with coloured interiors and incorporated storage in solid drawer fronts, shelved storage units with curved doors, under-stairs pull-out storage unit on castors, under-stairs desk with file drawers and stand-alone oak light box. The finish throughout is a sprayed lacquer except for the benchtops which are oiled to allow ease of repair or refinish in the future. The design of the studio emerged through close collaboration with the client to ensure that all the requirements for the studio as a workspace would be fulfilled.

Hanging Hallstand

HANGING HALLSTAND . This piece was a commissioned wedding gift that flows beautifully and is very aesthetically pleasing.

It consists of a floating walnut shelf and matching walnut mirror. The shelf incorporates a small concealed drawer with a sculptural maple handle. The inside of the drawer is also of maple. The piece is finished with Danish Oil.

Engagement Boxes

engagement boxes . These small boxes were commissioned by a private client as a gift on the occasion of an engagement. They represent the two separate entities of a relationship which come together to form one on the occasion of marriage.

Euclid's Table

EUclid’s table . combines the natural element of the material used with clean refined angles to create a unique piece which draws you in and encourages you to explore its structure.

The use of geometric patterns and complex angles contribute to the structural integrity of the piece. No face is 90 degrees to another. The frame is of American Black Walnut finished with a sprayed lacquer finish. The strong structural form of the frame is contrasted by the visually delicate nature of the glass top.